• Amalthea Sol

    Amalthea Sol

    A compassionate human cleric
  • Deverin "Beau the Bard" Carter

    Deverin "Beau the Bard" Carter

    A troubadour whose promiscuity never ceases to amaze.
  • Herbert 'Honey Badger' Bills

    Herbert 'Honey Badger' Bills

    Herbert is a gnome with a honey badger familiar who he calls Sunstripe. He is an aspiring arcane trickster, but full time thief. His only outlet for his interest in magic is through the reading of magical tomes and artifacts which he steals and hordes.
  • Lucien Storm

    Lucien Storm

    "What's the point in living if you can't be beautiful?"
  • Sephora Allyra

    Sephora Allyra

    Sephora is a lone travelling huntress who does not know where she belongs.
  • Zalia


    Zalia is an adventurous catfolk monk who explores the world and seeks self enlightenment.