Amalthea Sol

A compassionate human cleric


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Amalthea is medium in height and slight of build. She has long, almost-black hair; pale skin and green eyes. Her features are attractive but she is no striking beauty and does very little to enhance her appearance. A dark maroon birthmark in the shape of a sun sits just below her left butt cheek and has never been seen by anyone but her parents and female helpers at the temple. Her life experiences have lead her to becoming a compassionate and confrontational woman of 22. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right and often can spend too much time debating with the priests during her lessons. She is afraid of being alone and hopes to start a family of her own at some point.


Amalthea was born in the slums of the Rotgut district to Aubrianne and Peter Sol. She was an only child but was always quick to make friends and developed a sister-like bond with a neighborhood girl named Mia Suan (who now runs a market stall in the river district selling whatever she can find or steal). Life in the slums was difficult but she maintained her positive demeanor and cheery attitude thanks to her loving parents. She held the priests of Serenrae in particularly high regard as they would visit her community weekly to heal the sick and help out where they could. When Amalthea was 6 years old there was an outbreak of Anthrakitis in her community which took the lives of 32 Rotgutians, including her parents, Aubrianne and Peter. It would have claimed Amalthea as well, if it hadn’t been for Brenneth Sage, a priest of Serenrae who found and healed her. Brenneth raised her in the Temple of Serenrae located just below the Free-coin district and it was there that Amalthea became learned in the ways of healing and swordsplay.

She currently visits the Rotgut district as often as she can, offering free healing and aid wherever it is needed, although she will accept donations if they are offered. Due to the distance between the temple and the slums, Amalthea has been saving every coin that has been donated to her for several years in the hopes of restoring the dilapidated St Caspierans Missions building and converting it into a healing center right at the heart of the Rotgut district. She hopes that Brenneth and Mia will come and live there with her and aid her in this mission. If not she plans on finding a husband who will grow a passion for this project also, as the idea of going it alone is unbearable to her. She has decided to enter the ‘Cheat the Devil and take his Gold’ event in the hopes of winning the remaining money she would need.

Amalthea Sol

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