Deverin "Beau the Bard" Carter

A troubadour whose promiscuity never ceases to amaze.


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Though 32, his appearance is that of a man in his early 20’s and libido that of one half his age. A renowned bard by trade, he makes a living by travelling the world sharing classical tales of romance, adventure and thriller through dance, poetry and song, in both the common tongue and elvish.

With short dark hair and a goatee to match, and a flamboyant outfit that makes him nigh impossible to miss in a crowd – he certainly draws curious eyes his way and is rarely ever seen without his precious lute, Esmeralda.


Let me tell you the tale of our illustrious Beau the Bard. It begins with a young boy by the name of Deverin Carter, who grew up on a small and humble farm on the outskirts of Riddleport, in the quiet settlement of Little Grange.

Though he lived well and had naught to complain about, his mind and heart were always agitated and restless. He was tired of being “stuck” in the farmlands and longed to explore the world beyond the vast planes of grass and grain – to make the world remember his name instead of having it diminish with time.

And so one day, at the age of 12 and after no longer being able to contain his hopes and dreams, this young lad slipped away from home with the sole purpose of discovering what laid beyond what he could see with his eyes.

As he arrived to Riddleport, he was instantly struck by the world that was entirely different from his own. And as he stumbled along the busy streets, his attention was completely stolen by an angelic sound he heard coming from the Free-Coin district. As he made his way to the center, there! – he saw the man that was to become his mentor – the famous and sublime Peridot. Though he had a beautiful voice and exquisite dance moves, the one thing that really struck our young Deverin that day was the strange instrument the pretty man held in his hands. And so when the music stopped and the crowd began to disperse, Deverin attempted to sneak behind the performer and steal his music-maker. Of course, being young and clumsy, he was caught by the man behind the instrument, who saw potential in this young fool. There and then, he decided to take the child on as his apprentice.

And so Beau the Bard was born that day and Deverin Carter was seen and heard of no more.

Deverin "Beau the Bard" Carter

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