Sephora Allyra

Sephora is a lone travelling huntress who does not know where she belongs.



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Sephora is a 19 year old red head half Elf female with average height and a defined but slightly curvaceous body. Her ears are that of like a normal human ears but just with a slight pointed tip, but can be easily missed.

Based on experience, Sephora is distrusting of people, especially the Human and Elf race, due to the society not accepting anything that is half bred. Her only companion, best friend and confidant is Zephyr, her frost wolf. Though despite her distrust for everyone, once someone gains her trust, she remains loyal to them for life, and one such person is her mentor Deturun Nul whom she met in the Grungir Forest when she was still a child. Ultimately, though not consciously, Sephora longs to find a place where she can feel like she belongs there.

Currently Sephora is in Riddleport.


Zephyr PDF Character Sheet

Zephyr is a Frost Wolf, one of the rare breed of wolf species. They can be found in the region Sephora’s orphanage was in.




Born half Elf half human, Sephora was always looked down upon as the world viewed anything that is not pure bred as abominations. Never knowing her father, her only memory of her mother is her desperate cries and begging as her child was forcefully taken from her by her parents, who were disgusted with her relationship with her human lover and their illegitimate child.
Sephora was dumped at the worse orphanage in the district by her heartless grandparents, the Bright Horizons Orphanage. That orphanage is home to many who would grow up to be anything but horrid people, thieves, thugs, murderers and such. Sephora was picked on, and bullied. When she was mature enough, she was abused sexually by the perverted adult males who saw her as nothing but a pleasure toy to be used. Initially she would try to fight back, but after learning the harsh way that no one will care for someone like her ever, she gave up fighting back and just let them do with her what they will. Thus forms the base of her distrust towards people.
Couple of years later, finally, with luck and courage, Sephora managed to finally escape from the hell that she had been in most of her life. By this time Sephora knew well enough that the world does not care for people like her, therefore she did not run towards the nearby town to seek help, instead she fled into the nearby Grungir Forest, which incidentally is known to be a really dangerous place. Sephora struggled to survive in the woods for a week. She had no knowledge on how to survive in the woods all by herself, and with a frail body at that time, there was not much she can do, but she was not going to give up.
Sooner or later, Sephora started doing better. She managed to make herself basic tools for hunting and surviving, she was also moving around and was far from the region that she came from. One faithful day, she encountered a lost orphaned young frost wolf pup, and she named it Zephyr. Despite a rough start, they became best of friends. It was also somewhere around that time where Sephora encountered her mentor, Deturun Nul, whose identity is still a mystery to her. She was distrusting of him at first, but he proved himself trustworthy later on, and then taught Sephora the ways of the forest, and of the deity Gozreh, god of nature. This new found knowledge and faith would become the stepping stones for a fulfilled life for Sephora. When Deturun could teach her no more, he left Sephora on her own.
Sephora has been doing well ever since, though distrusting of the world of the pure breeds. She stays away from any contact with people as much as possible, but will tolerate interaction if necessary. Also growing up, Sephora learnt to hide her elf-like features and is able to disguise herself as a human, again, she avoids doing it as much as possible. When she travels to new towns or villages, she would choose to camp just outside of town if possible, else she would pick an inn that is least occupied. On some occasion, Sephora would hunt wild boars and would sell it to any butcher or buyer, thus having some form of income.

Currently :
(Story Time)

Ordeal and Comradery
Sephora is in Riddleport. And shortly after entering the town, her beloved companion Zephyr was forcefully taken by a greedy aristocrat by the name of Tuson Mel. Everything happened in a flash that Sephora felt a bit disorientated but quickly understood what had happened. Sephora decided to venture around Riddleport to get her bearings, and while venturing, she heard about the grand gambling tournament “Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold” and its prize. She decided to partake in the tournament in hopes to win some money she requires as resource to get Zephyr back.

Things went sour during the tournament. A mage called Angvar, and Thuvalia, the bard, crashed the event to steal something important, but Sephora and 5 other brave souls stepped forward and together thwarted their plans. Thus Sephora unintentionally made comrades. After that Sephora, along with her comrades, were offered jobs by Saul Vancaskerkin, who was the proprietor of the gambling hall. The next few days, Sephora hunted game for Saul, and during her free time, she tries to get more information about the aristocratic Tuson Mel. She learnt of Clegg Zincher, who owns a fighting arena, his ties to Tuson Mel, and how nearly impossible it is to get an audience with him, especially if you are a nobody. With such information she tried to figure out a plan, but none that would give her the result she wanted, so she went on with her day in hopes of finding more information that would help. Little did she know that fate will soon play its part.

It was another day at the gambling hall, but this time, something was different. Saul revealed that among usual crowd, an unusual guest was present. It was Clegg Zincher. Knowing that, Sephora realizes that this is an opportunity that she cannot turn away from. Thus she puts on the sexy succubus of a dress that she bought recently (unaware that the day she would need it for would be this soon.) and heads down to the floor. Clegg Zincher could not ignore the piece that is Sephora in her somewhat revealing and beautiful dress. She’s immediately invited to sit next to him, her comrades keeping watch on her and Clegg while they work. Sephora, though at first struggling to flirt, managed to gather all her courage, despite her fears, to make a really bold move that sent an obvious message to Clegg, resulting in him thinking that Sephora wants to have sexual intercourse with him.Clegg then brought her, and another random woman to the House of the Silken Veil. With his bodyguards surrounding him, Lucien and Zalia could only secretly follow behind them.

In the Silken Veil, Sephora was trapped, but soon a cross-dressing Lucien entered the Silken Veil and joined her. Sephora did her best to flirt with Clegg, all the while getting more information out of him. Lucien helped distract him further by giving him a handjob. Tipsy and pleasured, Clegg’s guard was down, therefore he talked easily. Sephora discovers that Tuson Mel was not as bigshot as she thought. Clegg loudly boasted how Tuson was tiny and insignificant compared to him, and that he was trying to sell him a rare wolf that he recently ‘obtained’, though Clegg had no interest in the wolf. Sephora knew that it was Zephyr, and she knew this was her chance. Fearfully aware of what she would have to do, she struck a deal with Clegg. Her body for the wolf. Clegg accepted the deal without a second thought and stared beckoning everyone to leave them alone, though not without paying the women a good sum of gold, including Lucien, whom he thought was another attractive female prostitute. Once the room was empty, he had his way with Sephora many times over. After what seemed like an eternity of enduring, it was over. Clegg had his fill, and Sephora was free to leave. As she left the room, feelings that had long been suppressed resurfaced, she felt dirty inside and out, bruises on hey body. She wanted to scream, to cry, to rip her heart out and die, but the thought of reuniting with Zephyr kept her together. Once outside the Silken Veil, she was accompanied by Lucien, who was no longer cross-dressing, and Zalia, heading back to the Gambling Hall. Sephora was silent the whole way back, her comrades tried to comfort her once they returned to the hall, she politely retreated to her room and tried to cleanse herself of her filth in the bath. After couple of hours, she turned in for the night, looking forward to having Zephyr back.

The next day, Lucien accompanied Sephora to the White Lily, where she got Clegg to send Zephyr to. On the way, she thanked Lucien for what he did the night before, knowing he was also in a difficult position. With that, Lucien became someone she could trust. Once they arrived at the White Lily, the guard, who was a friend of Lucien, gave them a note that said “He is coming soon. – Z”. Shortly after, Sephora heard a sound that she recognized, and immediately turned her head to the direction of the sound. That’s when she saw Zephyr, muzzled, with a rope tied around its neck with one end held by one of Clegg’s body guards. Sephora tried contained her emotions while the guards pass Zephyr to the White Lily guard, and left. Once they were out of sight, Sephora’s emotions burst out, hands shaking as she takes the muzzle off Zephyr. Clearly Zephyr was as happy and relieved to see Sephora as he wags his tail hard, and licking her face all over. Having Zephyr meant so much to Sephora that having him back was enough to lift her pain and sorrows from the night before. After thanking the White Lily guard, Sephora and Lucien headed back to the Gambling Hall.

With Zephyr back at her side, and her new trusted comrades, Sephora is confidently looks forward to facing whatever obstacle or misfortune that have yet to befall on them.

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Sephora Allyra

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