Zalia is an adventurous catfolk monk who explores the world and seeks self enlightenment.


PDF Character Sheet

Zalia is a 20 year old, fit looking female catfolk with long hair that is tied into a big braid. She has blue eyes and a small horizontal scar on her noes from a small fight during her childhood days. Her monk outfit is noted to be quite like a ninja’s style (which she loves).

Zalia is quite expressive, cheerful and sometimes even awkward. She tends to end her sentences with a “nyan” to show her happiness. But in the heat of battle, she means business and will not hesitate to throw a fierce punch at the enemies.
Because of her upbringing at the Altar Of Iomedae in Katapesh, Zalia learned to be spiritually aware of herself as well as fully sensing and appreciating the flow of energy around her (tingling to her whiskers).
Interestingly, Zalia has a slight phobia of heights (anything higher that 10 storeys) and prefers to stay grounded or at least have something under her feet/paws.

Current Location.
Zalia comes from the Garund continent but currently resides at the Temple of Justice in Windward District of Riddleport. She likes to cook and works as a chef at The Sages Corner to earn a living. Sometimes she likes to climb over the Cyphergate just to get to Riddleport Light for some light meditations (and sight seeing).


………..In the past………….
Abandoned at birth for unknown reasons, Zalia was left at the gates of the Altar Of Iomedae temple. The monk elders took her in and decided to train her in the ways of martial arts so that she can find a purpose in life. Growing up, she had to learn not only the art of battle (in various forms) but also religious knowledge, social etiquette, literature, and cooking (which was very much to her liking).

At the tender age of 10, Zalia had gotten herself into a fight with a bully in a nearby village while she was there running errands. She defended herself well with bare-hands but the bully was armed with a knife that left a scar on her noes. From that day on, Zalia knew she had to practise more in order to become better and that scar on her noes is a good reminder.

Despite knowing of her abandonment, it never deterred Zalia from being cheerful and friendly to the other residents of the sanctuary. Zalia treated everyone fairly and kindly; and everyone treated her just the same (because those are the ways of living in a monk school). During her studies, she learned of the Goddess Iomedae and instantly knew who she aspires to be.

When she could topped any classmates with her fierce martial art form , the elders decided that she was ready to explore the world and perfect her art form. So Zalia prepared herself for the great journey and left the monk school at the age of 18.

………..Fast forward to present time…………..
It has been 2 years since Zalia left the monk school, she has met so many people (good and bad) and cooked many interesting recipes. But she still has much to see and even much to learn….


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