Region Katapesh
Titles Bazaar of the Bizarre
Size Enormous City
Population 212,300
Government Anarchic plutocracy led by faceless, inhuman merchant league
Alignment Neutral
Religions Abadar, Sarenrae, Nethys, Irori


South of most civilized lands, sprawling across a valley of blazing-hot sand, is one of the most incredible and wondrous cities in all of Golarion: the great desert metropolis of Katapesh (pronounced KAT-a-pesh), the City of Trade. Katapesh is a city of organized chaos where cash is king and commerce is the highest god.

From its early beginnings as the Golden City, Katapesh was rich in natural resources and is located on the shores of the Obari Ocean. It retained its mercantile importance no matter who occupied the city.

The metropolis of Katapesh is the home to many bazaars and fairs that sell anything one might desire. Two notable permanent markets within the city are the Peculiar Emporium and the Nightstalls.

Altar Of Iomedae


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