Region Varisia
Titles City of Cyphers
Size Large City
Population 13,300
Government Non-Standard (titular overlord with multiple crimelords)
Alignment Chaotic-Neutral
GP Limit 40,000 gp
Assets 26,200,000 gp
Demographics mixed ((77% human, 7% dwarf, 5% half-elf, 4% half-orc, 3% tiefling, 2% halfling, 1% gnome, 1% other)
Leader Gaston Cromarcky


Riddleport is the third-largest city in Varisia and its most northern port. The city is a haven for pirates and sea-faring brigands, who find themselves far to the north of the Arch of Aroden. Teeming with criminals and rogues of all kinds, Riddleport is full of potential danger and hard-to-avoid intrigue. Also known as the City of Cyphers, Riddleport takes its name from the Cyphergate, a giant stone arch spanning the natural cove around which the city is built. It is covered on both sides with ancient Thassilonian symbols, although their exact meaning is unknown.


River District A section of town rampant with markets and production houses that runs beside the polluted Velashu River.
Windward District This section of Riddleport mostly serves as a residential area for the city’s scholars and sages.
Free-Coin District A fairly new section of town which attracts a lot of tourists.
Leeward District Riddleport’s largest district. You can find most types of establishments here.
Rotgut District The slums of Riddleport.
The Devil’s Fork This is the military district of Riddleport.
Wharf District A tattered shadow of it’s former self, the Wharf district is now rundown, but still largely occupied by pirates.
Lubbertown A shanty town of tents and simple dwellings that lies outside the city gates.
Little Grange A small rural village about a half days travel from Riddleport.


1. The Cyphergate
2. Riddleport Harbor
3. Inner Harbor
4. Velashu Ferry
5. River District
6. Publican House
7. Windward District
8. Cypher Lodge
9. Wharf District
10. Gold Goblin Gambling Hall
11. Zinchers Arena
12. Gas Forges
13. Rotgut District
14. St Caspierans Mission
15. Riddleport Light
16. Leeward District
17. House of the Silken Veil
18. The Fish Bowl
19. Mystery of the Gate
20. Lymas Smeeds Townhouse
21. Zinchers Tenement
22. Boss Croat’s Compound
23. The River Runner
24. The Devil’s Fork
25. Maskyr’s Island
26. Free-Coin District
27. Lubbertown
28. City Mortuary
29. The Burying Ground
30. Boneyard Cut
31. The Boneyard

Most of Riddleport’s buildings are composed of wood-logs or planks—with multiple floors and steep, highpeaked roofs of wooden shingles. They are built in close quarters, and in some cases their wooden upper floors sag and lean together from the constantly sodden conditions.

Stone fireplaces ward off the bitter winter cold and the chill that lingers in the fog-laden streets for much of the year, save for in high summer. During this two-month period, warmer air currents from the south bring a muggy, oppressive heat along with great black mosquitoes that breed in the nearby marshes. Many burn peat treated with incense in their hearths during these months to ward off the vermin with their thick smoke.
The major streets of Riddleport are cobbled, often becoming rain-slick cataracts during the wet seasons. Cobbles are often missing or crushed by the incessant traffic, leaving gaping holes and ruts in even the most welltended thoroughfares. Side streets tend to be relegated to muddy tracks that are swift to turn into stinking morasses of sucking mud and filth. Riddleport doesn’t have much of a sewage system, and relies mainly on gutters along street edges to carry refuse to the river and harbor.

One feature unique to the major streets is the frequent oil lamps mounted on iron poles that provide beacons of light in the benighted mists. These are set in sturdy hurricane lamps and burn thick, rancid oil from barrel-shaped reservoirs at the lamppost base—a byproduct and innovation of the Gas Works. These wavering lights give off illumination equal to a torch in even the foulest weather but are not well-tended—just over a third of them are out on any given night, in need of repairs or refueling.


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