Lucien Storm

"What's the point in living if you can't be beautiful?"


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Lucien is an 18 year old Human Male Fighter of average height with fair skin, blonde hair and green eyes. He worked as a bodyguard at The White Lily pleasure house in Leeward District. But has since taken up employment and residence at the Gold Goblin’s Gambling Hall.

Those who know him describe him as charismatic, playful, and vain. Having been raised among courtesans, social grace, poise are natural to Lucien.
Raised in a world of lies and illusion, Lucien was quick to realize that he can’t trust anything at face value. As a result, he tends to hide behind smiles and etiquette to mask any underlying anxieties. Various past experiences have left Lucien unable to come to terms with the fact that he cannot always protect those he loves.

There are plenty who know the notorious pretty-boy, however none have really been able to see behind his pretenses. Despite it all, Lucien craves deeper, more genuine relationships with those around him. However, he appears incapable of manifesting these needs in ways other than flirtatious quips.


Lucien grew up amongst the female workers of Leeward’s most esteemed – yet discreet nonetheless – pleasure house.
Abandoned by his mother – born to an unknown father – Lucien was raised by the senior courtesans. His childhood memories consist entirely of falsities – from the tricks of the trade courtesans used to attract customers, to the way courtesans masked bruises and injuries left by the inebriated high ranking patrons.
Having witnessed countless acts of violence against his beloved “sisters”, at the age of 12 Lucien begged the proprietor of the White Lily for a chance to join the small team of bodyguards.

The shrewd proprietor agreed, but not without caveat.

Lucien was trained in the unique and flamboyant fencing style employed by White Lily guards, his entire tuition charged against his ever-increasing debt which was counted since the day his mother abandoned him. This choice has bound Lucien to the White Lily for life, as he has no conceivable way to pay off such a large sum.

Many of his “sisters” are bound to the White Lily in the same way, and so in bid to restore their freedom he has decided to join the “Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold” gambling tournament.

Following the events that had transpired at the gambling tournament, Lucien was offered a new position at the Gold Goblin’s Gambling Hall. In exchange for his services, Saul Vancaskerkin offered to pay off the remainder of the debt he owed the White Lily and Lucien set off to live a freer life with Saul and his new companions.

After his first few days of freedom Lucien learnt that, like him, there’s far more to people than face value would suggest.

The days to follow shook his world view to the core.
Meeting women he could not woo and realizing his power to extinguish a life within seconds – it was a lot for the young man to take. However, following the events that transpired after Clegg Zincher’s suspicious visit to the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall (which resulted in cross-dressing and pretending to be a prostitute in bid to ensure Sephora’s safety).

In a (somewhat) fortuitous turn of events, his aid enabled Sephora to regain her wolf companion Zephyr.

As a result, Lucien has learnt two valuable lessons – firstly that his 30 minute morning routine is never in vain. Secondly, that he shall never abandon his comrades in any situation.

With strengthened resolve Lucien has now let his passion for chivalry become the lamp by which his way is lit.

Lucien Storm

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